Investor Contact



DistributionNOW Shareholders
Securities analysts, portfolio managers and other institutional investor representatives can reach us using the contact below.

Michelle A. Lewis
Chief Strategy Officer, SVP Corporate Development and Investor Relations

7402 North Eldridge Parkway
Houston, TX 77041
T: 281-823-4719


In addition, you can send a message to the Investor Relations Department by completing the following form so that we may assist you:

Shareholders of record may contact the transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Co., LLC, for assistance with a change of address, transfer of share ownership, replacement of lost stock certificates and dividend payment/tax reporting issues.

If your DNOW shares are held in a bank or brokerage account, contact your bank or broker for assistance.

DistributionNOW Stock
Our Stock is traded on the NYSE, under the ticker symbol DNOW.